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Welcome to the world of GPSjot! GPSjot lets you leave digital notes anywhere in the world, attached to exact GPS coordinates. You can literally write on the world. And the possibilities are limitless... Leave your girlfriend a secret note where you first met. Attach a review to the restaurant where you just ate. Leave a flag where you parked your car. Plot a favorite hiking trail with waypoints. Create GPS-based games for your friends. Mark buried treasure. Or anything else! Best of all, GPSjot is free and works anywhere you have internet access. Start jotting today and download GPSjot for your phone.

Leave digital notes anywhere in the world...

Hello World

As long as you have your phone and internet access, GPSjot lets you attach a digital note to any location in the world. Just use the app to write your note (as long or short as you want), choose who can read the note, and publish! Additional options let you assign categories and keywords, adjust or hide the GPS position, set an expiration date, or even make notes that are only visible by people near that actual location. GPSjot leaves it up to you: write notes about whatever you want, wherever you want – all for free.