Does GPSjot work on my iPod Touch?

Yes, GPSjot does work on the iPod Touch. But, you will need to have access to a WiFi network. Also, the GPS coordinates will be much less accurate than on the iPhone (since they are based on the estimated WiFi network location, rather than the very accurate GPS embedded in the iPhone).

When is GPSjot available for Android?

Our development team is hard at work improving GPSjot and making it available for additional platforms. We hope to add Android as soon as possible. Please check back in the future for updates. You can also send us encouraging emails at ;)

Why can't others find my posts?

If others cannot find your GPSjots, it's probably because you never activated your account. Please check your email for your activation email and click the link to activate your account. Other reasons for not being able to find posts include setting a very small proximity or not addressing the post to Everyone.

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