GPSjot Launched for the iPhone

This exciting new app lets iPhone users leave digital notes anywhere in the world attached to GPS coordinates.

NEW YORK, NY September 17th, 2010 – ConsumerSoft announced today the beta release of it's new GPSjot application for the iPhone. GPSjot is a free app that allows users to read and write digital notes attached to GPS coordinates anywhere in the world. The app combines three great technologies: GPS, smart phones, and wireless internet into an exciting new app.

ConsumerSoft reports that GPSjot is currently patent-pending and fits a unique position in the mobile app market and social networking industry that sets it apart. ConsumerSoft is also working on version of the application for Google's Android platform and Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. Additionally, there are future plans for a web-based version of the service and developer APIs. GPSjot is currently only available for iPhone.

"GPSjot is incredibly promising, since there's nothing quite like it in the marketplace," says Robert Thompson, EVP of Product Development for ConsumerSoft. "We're entering a world that is very information centered, and GPSjot connects that information to the world around us. And the really exciting part is that GPSjot is in the hands of the users to create a virtual world right on top of the phyiscal world," says Thompson.

GPSjot beta is currently available free of charge through Apple's App Store. ConsumerSoft is did not announce the launch date for any other platforms yet.

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About ConsumerSoft

Founded in 2006, ConsumerSoft is a New York-based software company. GPSjot is ConsumerSoft's second mobile application. Other products from ConsumerSoft include the popular My Faster PC software, My Phone Support (a tech support service), and a number of freeware applications. More information can be found at the ConsumerSoft website.

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