Map View

Just click "Map View" to see all the GPSjots around you plotted onto a map. Drag, zoom-in, and zoom-out to explore! Just click on the push-pins to see the posts. Navigate between posts using the arrow buttons and use the refresh button to update the map.


Find the exact content you want using the Search tool. Search by keyword, username, category, date, location, and other advanced criteria.

Settings & Profile

Create your own personal profile for the world to see and update with personal info and descriptions. Or make your profile private and keep to yourself. You can also set your preferences and additional options in the Settings area.


GPSjot lets you add friends, follow users who you like reading, and save your favorite posts. All these are stored in your Faves, letting you access everything you want in once place.


Your friends are all stored in your Contacts. This lets you easily write notes to one or more of your friends. You can also create Lists of Friends to easily write notes to everyone in that Friends List. For example, you can make a Friends List for your Family, Co-Workers, or even your Softball League.