Download & Installing GPSjot

To download GPSjot for your iPhone just click the link on this page to access the iTunes App Store. You can also download GPSjot directly from your iPhone. Just click on the App Store icon and search for "GPSjot." After you've found the app, just click "Install" to download.

GPSjot works best on GPS-enabled phones and requires internet access to work. GPSjot will work with the iPod Touch when attached to a WiFi network, but the GPS features will not be nearly as accurate as on the iPhone. The app is also available in twelve languages besides English. We are currently working hard to release GPSjot for additional devices, so check back in the future if your device is not currently supported.

Activate Your Account

While you can use GPSjot as a guest, to write posts and use all the features, you need to create and activate an account. When you open GPSjot, you can create an account by answering a couple simple questions. Once created, you will be sent an activation email.

Please click the link in this email to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you can also go into Settings to enter additional information about yourself and set your preferences.

Download for iPhone

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